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Through the ages, Chateau Kleppelsdorf had been a luxurious manor of the Zedlitz family. Nowadays the Chateau serves as a place of rest and meditation for its Guests. Surrounded by a charming parque, where old trees welcome those who come here to forget about their work and every-day life, the Palace is a refuge from the noise and madness of the outside world.

The immense passion and work of investors, artists and craftsmen make the Chateau regain it's old glamour step by step, everyday. Guests are welcome in the beautifully restored chambers, where the spirit of the past still remains. We appreciate the different chacarcters of our Visitors, therefore each room had been designed differently. Our Guests are also welcome to use the cosy fireplace room, as well as newly restored pavillon.

The Chateau Kleppelsdorf offers 11 chambers, which can accomodate 40 Guests. Each chamber had been furnished with antique furniture and selected decorations. Paitings, sculptures and other works of art remind us about the aristocratic love for fine arts. Armorials of the former owners together with the historical albums accessible in the Palace help our Guests understand the complexity of it's long history. Such carefully prepared interiors and easing atmosphere of the Chateau Kleppelsdorf will ensure the best of luxury of the past times, and make our Guests enjoy the relaxing moments in a very special way.