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The Chateau`s Park

Chateau’s park was originally a French garden with walking paths and a clump of red beech trees in the middle. Red beech trees grow to the present day and are the highest and oldest trees in the park. At the end of the nineteenth century the owner  of Chateau Kleppelsdorf   - Wilhelm Rohrbeck, a member of the Dendrology Society, began to change an old park into a botanical garden by planting a lot of interesting shrubs and trees, including also endemic. You can still find the red beech, but also the Japanese cherry, magnolias, maples, oaks, red oak, ash, maidenhair, hornbeam, common maple, red maple, Manchurian maple, chestnut, red chestnut, acacia, spruce, birch, pine, fir, common willow, Argentine willow, lindens and larches.

Among the shrubs are: rhododendrons, junipers, butlee, dogwoods, elderberry, red elderberry, fragrant, forsythia, viburnum, jasmines, chokeberry, golden currant, Japanese willow, tonsils, holly, honeysuckles, pemphigus, tamarisk, roses, young yews and many others. In the spring of park land covered with a white blanket of flourishing flowers.

You can find many animals, for such a relatively small area of ​​the park. The park is a home to birds that live here, or enjoy a moment of shade and fruit trees. Most common are: greenfinches, jays, blackbirds, nuthatches, pigeon, doves, woodpeckers, black, owls, nightingales, goldfinches, bullfinches, thrushes, hoopoes, wagtails, magpies, swallows, titmice, flycatchers, robins, Cinderella,

Owls hooting in the evenings makes the park becomes more interesting and mysterious. Here live the black and red squirrels, bats, toads, lizards, blindworms, grass snakes, martens and badgers sometimes.