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The history of Chateau

The oldest walls of Chateau Kleppelsdorf  in Wlen come from XII century. It was rebuilt in sixteenth century by  the family Czedlicz, who were in possession of these lands since the Middle Ages. the family name Changed (Czedlicz - Czedlitz – Zedlitz) as the process of Germanization of Lower Silesia proceeded. According to sources, the German name of the village comes  from the name "war horses - Klepper" farmed here for Lenno Castle.

In the seventeenth century the owner of the palace became Hannos, known as the robber knight of the castle. The building in beginning of XVII century was repeatedly flamed by the Swedes, who took their revenge on the owner acting as commissioner of war.

In 1741 the ruined palace was taken over by Jacob Lawrence Held d'Arle - Captain of the Prussian royal horse-riding, who rebuilt the palace, giving it the French Baroque style. D'Arle established rose garden, which was surrounded by a high stone wall.

In 1894 the estate became the property of William Rohrbeck, a member of Dendrological Society of Berlin. The new owner transformed the pre-existing park into a botanical garden. Rohrbeck also made a thorough renovation of the palace - simplified the facades, covered the roof with local slate, surrounded the front of Chateau with the beautiful wrought fence. William died in 1914, and the only heir to a multimillion fortune became his daughter - Dorothea Rohrbeck, who was murdered on February 14, 1921 year.

After World War II, Chateau was robbed of equipment by Soviet soldiers. The Chateau was divided into small apartments, where lived the families who came from the Borderlands.

Since 1953 the building housed the head office of State Farm Winiogora In the 1970., the Chateau converted into a center of holidays for Children, but soon building was ruined and it was decided to be demolished. The Chateau was rescued by the Director of Transportation Department of the Polish Post, who wished to participate in the tender for the demolition, but when he saw the palace, he decided to renovate it and devote to the hotel.

In 2004, the palace was acquired by a businessman , who gradually, renovates it. Yet, Chateau provides accommodations services. In autumn 2007 the Chateau hosted the crew of "The Road to Paradise” film. "The Road to Paradise” is a beautiful story about a girl from a small town and her way to a better life. Film director is Gervase Regula and  as the main role is played by polish actress Ilona Ostrowska.

Since 2010, the Chateau Kleppelsdorf organizes European Heritage Days. During this international event, all guests can visit Chateau for free and learn about the history of Chateau and Lower Silesia.

In 2012, Chateau Kleppelsdorf holds the conference of “100 years of Dum in Pilchowice” anniversary.